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Welcome to SSAB, where precision meets professionalism in the realm of chartered accountancy. Elevate your business’s financial health with our comprehensive suite of services tailored for your success.


Accounting & Book Keeping Services
Navigate the complexities of financial records effortlessly. Our meticulous bookkeeping services ensure every transaction is accounted for, providing you with a clear financial picture and paving the way for informed decision-making.
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Audit & Assurance Services
Trust is built on transparency. Our expert auditors bring a discerning eye to your financial statements, ensuring compliance and fostering confidence among stakeholders. Elevate your financial integrity with our audit solutions.
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Taxation Laws Services
Maximize returns while minimizing liabilities. Our tax experts navigate the intricate landscape of taxation, offering strategic solutions to optimize your financial position. We ensure you stay compliant while optimizing your tax strategy.
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Business Advisory Services
Chart a course for success with tailored business advice. Our advisory services encompass strategic planning, market analysis, and performance optimization. Transform challenges into opportunities with our expert guidance.
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Financial Management & Business Consulting Services
Financial Management
Forge ahead with confidence. Our financial management and consulting services empower your business with insightful financial strategies, fostering sustainable growth and resilience in dynamic markets.
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Human Resource Management (HRM) Services
Human Resource
Nurture your greatest asset—your team. Our HRM services streamline human resource processes, from recruitment to talent development, ensuring a motivated workforce aligned with your business objectives.
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Outsourcing Services
Focus on your core competencies. Our outsourcing services cover various functions, allowing you to concentrate on what you do best while we handle tasks like payroll, compliance, and other operational essentials.
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SSAB is my go-to for all things financial. Their meticulous bookkeeping, expert auditing, and strategic tax planning have been instrumental in my business's success. The team's commitment to excellence and personalized service is unmatched. Highly recommend!

Lorena Barker

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