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Welcome to SSAB —  Your Financial Partner. At SSAB, we redefine financial partnership. Beyond the numbers, we’re architects of your success story. From precise bookkeeping to strategic business advisory, we’re not just service providers; we’re your pathfinders to financial excellence.

Your Financial Success Starts Here: Whether you’re launching a start-up or steering an established enterprise, SSAB is the catalyst for your financial ascent. Experience the synergy of a true financial partner, dedicated to sculpting your journey toward unprecedented success.


From bookkeeping to business advisory, find all your financial solutions under one roof.

Our commitment to honesty and ethical practices builds lasting trust.

Stay ahead with cutting-edge financial solutions designed for your success.

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At SSAB, we redefine taxation services. Our seasoned experts navigate the intricate tax landscape to optimize your financial position. From strategic planning to compliance, trust us to minimize liabilities and maximize returns. Discover a partner committed to simplifying the complexities of taxation, ensuring your financial success.


At SSAB, our accounting and bookkeeping services go beyond meticulous number crunching. We bring expertise and dedication to every ledger entry, ensuring accuracy and clarity in your financial records. From day-to-day transactions to comprehensive financial reporting, trust us to be your financial backbone. Elevate your business with our commitment to precision and excellence in accounting and bookkeeping.


Step into a world of financial clarity with SSAB. Our audit services are more than numbers; they’re a spotlight on your business’s integrity. Meticulously detailed and passionately delivered, our audits instill confidence and transparency. Elevate your financial narrative — choose audits that captivate and inspire trust.




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Q1: What services do you offer? We specialize in comprehensive financial services, including accounting, bookkeeping, taxation, audit, business advisory, and outsourcing solutions tailored to your business needs.

Q2: How can I contact your customer support? For any inquiries, our dedicated customer support team can be reached via contact form on our website or through email at Info@ssab.charteredaccountant.com

Q3: What sets your firm apart from others? Our firm stands out for its commitment to precision, transparency, and personalized service. We go beyond numbers, providing innovative financial solutions to propel your success.

Q1: How often should I update my financial records? Regular updates, preferably monthly, ensure accurate financial insights. We recommend staying on top of transactions to maintain a clear financial picture.

Q2: What documents do I need for bookkeeping services? Commonly needed documents include bank statements, receipts, invoices, and financial statements. Our team can guide you through the specifics based on your business.

Q3: How can you help me streamline my accounting processes? Our accounting services are designed for efficiency. We employ the latest tools and technologies to streamline processes, reducing manual effort and enhancing accuracy.

Q1: What tax deductions are available for my business? Our tax experts will identify applicable deductions based on your business type and activities. Common deductions include business expenses, depreciation, and employee-related expenses.

Q2: How can I prepare for tax season? Stay organized throughout the year by keeping thorough records. Our team can provide guidance on required documentation and assist in tax planning to minimize liabilities.

Q3: Do you provide assistance with tax planning? Absolutely. Our tax planning services are proactive, aiming to optimize your financial position and minimize tax liabilities through strategic financial decisions.

Q1: Why is an audit important for my business? An audit ensures financial accuracy, compliance, and builds trust with stakeholders. It provides a comprehensive review of your financial records, offering a clear view of your business’s financial health.

Q2: How often should I have an audit conducted? The frequency of audits depends on your business size, industry, and regulatory requirements. We can assess your needs and recommend an appropriate audit schedule.

Q3: What information do I need to provide for an audit? Typically, you’ll need to provide financial statements, supporting documents, and access to relevant financial records. Our audit team will guide you through the specifics.

Q1: How do I become a client? To become a client, simply reach out to our team through our contact form or email us at Info@ssabcharteredaccountant.com. We’ll guide you through the onboarding process.

Q3: Are there any prerequisites for your services? No specific prerequisites are needed. Whether you’re a start-up or an established business, our services can be tailored to your unique requirements.



The Firm is engaged in the activities in the line of Tax Matter, Audit and Accountancy covering a wide range of sub activities related to the profession. The major and significant activities and services taken care by the
SSAB Chartered Accountant. 

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